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I have been letterboxing on Dartmoor for sometime now and have been using the Mike Holidays Dartmoor Letterboxing System database Software, However I have a few minor issues with the software so I thought I would write my own instead. Originally the main aim was to import the data from Mike Holidays Dartmoor Letterboxing program and convert the data to from OS grid to WGS84 format so I could download it to my GPS. However since I originally wrote it I have received plenty of feedback from people asking for various functions / Features to be added. I use it now to store all my Dartmoor letterboxing clues as I can easily sort / export the data as and when required.

A couple of things to note : -

Mike Holidays Dartmoor Letterboxing System database was developed using a system called Super base and all its databases have an SBF file extension. The App can extract data from the Stamps.SBF / Places.SBF files which are both supplied with the letterboxing system DB. These databases reside in the application folder for the letterbox system database normally C:\Letterbox. The App will also import the Extract.SBF (normally sent out via email) to update an open copy of the Stamps.sbf database. It does NOT edit or change the data in any of the Superbase database files in any way shape or form. It reads in the data and converts where possible to WGS84 format, For the conversion to WGS84 the data read in must contain a minimum of a 6 figure grid ref for it to be converted. By Design the Stamps.SBF only holds a max of an 8 figure in its Grid Ref fields, however if a 10 fig ref is available it is inserted into the description field this app checks for a 10 Fig ref in the Description field and if found will convert using the 10 digit ref.

The app will also import data from the BNP Dartmoor Letterboxing Database it will import the Boxes and Landmark DBF Files these can normally be found in the c:\Boxes folder. As above the grid refs will be converted and rounded where possible. It will also import and update using the file which is used to update the BNP Dartmoor Letterboxing Database

Although the software is designed to import the data from other letterboxing programs you can create a new empty DB and type in your own clues / Grid refs and convert them.


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