Importing of Box Clues

  • Excel
  • GPX
  • Superbase File (Mike Holidays Database)
  • DBase (BNP Database)
  • Direct from GPS
  • Exporting of Box Clues 
  • Direct to GPS
  • Excel Format
  • Text
  • GPX
  • KML
  • HTML
  • Various other formats

Letterbox Grid view

  • Multi column Filtering
  • Sorting
  • Searching
  • Different colours for found not found Boxes
  • Add / Remove Columns
  • Edting of Boxes.


  • Found / Not Found Report
  • Letterbox Density Report
  • Boxes Per grid Square report
  • Walk Reports

Walk planner

  • Calculate shortest distance of walk (not nessarly the best though)
  • Add nearby cark parks
  • Add nearby Tors
  • Draw OWn Route
  • View walk on Map
  • Send Walk to GPS
  • Save walk route

Density report

  • Viewing of Boxes per grid square
  • Report of Boxes per Grid square
  • view boxes per square overlayed on map
  • Filtering of Boxes list per Grid Square


  • Support of Multiple Databases E.G Found Boxes, Unfound Boxes
  • Storing of Places / Tors Locations
  • Built in Carpark Database
  • Add / Edit Word  of Mouth Author details
  • Databases created using SQLite
  • Conversion of OS Grid  to WGS and OSGB Coordinates
  • Distance Calculator
  • Store stamp image against box
  • Batch Convert OS to WGS or Visa Vera
  • Automatic Box Numbering
  • 6/8 fig Grid ref rounding 
  • Mark Boxes as found / not found / Missing Deleted
  • Point intersection - Calculate Grid ref using bearing of other points
  • Backup and restore of databases and settings 
  • Support for Alternative Grid ref for each Box
  • Mass email generation to word of mouth authors stating if boxes are founf not found
  • Context sensitive help
  • Displaying of boxes on Map
  • Add / Edit Clue screen for adding  / Editing Clues


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